Selasa, 06 Juni 2017

Energy Efficiency and Loss of Transmission Data on Wireless Sensor Network with Obstacle

Abdi Wahab*, Fandi Ali Mustika*, Rizal Broer Bahaweres+, Deny Setiawan*, Mudrik Alaydrus*

The growth of Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) in the late years, encourages a lot of research in it. The most investigated topics are energy consumption, coverage, and connectivity in WSN. This paper discusses connectivity for WSN with the presence of simple obstacles. The LEACH protocol is used and is modified based on the obstacle, to improve the clustering process. We propose an algorithm based on the intersection of line to improve the original LEACH. The result of simulation shown the modified LEACH algorithm works better than the original LEACH with the presence of obstacle based on energy consumption and loss of transmission data. The future work could be done to modify the LEACH for arbitrary obstacle.
Keywords—LEACH; Obstacle; WSN