Senin, 23 Desember 2013

Developing VMS (Vessel Monitoring System) For IMACS in Lombok

A few weeks a go, exactly on December 10 until December 12, I went to Lombok to testing VMS application I've developed. One of my task is testing and trying the VMS apps for real testing on board or vessel. This project is from IMACS USAID, because they want give this application to DKP Lombok for monitoring vessel under 30 GT. Because there's no regulation for monitoring vessel under 30 GT. 
It was very interesting experience, because that the first time I land my feet on NTB, and the first time testing real GPS devices on vessel board. May be I'll tell a lot about application in the next post. And here is the boat I used to try the apps and GPS.
Hee... May be in January, I'll go back to Lombok to present elogbook apps.